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Team Building 2022 - “We-gether" Unity is the power

          This year Team Building had changes in both location and activities. IMV family went to the forest together, determined to conquer new challenges with a very high spirit of teamwork. Nam Cat Tien National Park is the place that has brought each employee unique and memorable experiences during this Team Building trip together.

IMV Team Building in Nam Cat Tien National Park

          At the beginning of the Team Building, the members of IMV family went hiking and admired the wild beauty of Nam Cat Tien National Park with many tall and ancient trees and many diverse animals. Teams might encounter butterflies with colorful wings or hear the sound of a stream flowing downstream along a forest trail… In majestic nature, each member seems very small, but now people are closer, understand each other better, and unite to create great collective strength.  

Hiking in the forest

          To find the key to unlock the IMV treasure chest, the teams must overcome tough challenges. The games were specifically designed to take advantage of the abilities and strengths of each individual when coordinated with teammates. The jigsaw challenge emphasized orderliness and a vision towards a common goal, or the challenge of getting the secret letter in the water pillar to practice ingenuity, solidarity, and teamwork skills when having to bring water from the stream to fill the water pipe containing the secret letter.

Working together to fill the water

Relay competition

Teams decorate group names

          One IMV employee excitedly shared: “This Team Building gives me another chance to meet the brothers/sisters in the IMV family from the office to the factory. Besides, Team Building is interesting while experiencing the jungle road, deciphering the secret message, and participating in the challenge of each block. These are the most impressive and unforgettable memories for me.”

Joint competition

          It is not difficult when everyone is united to achieve their desired goal. The happiness is not about the rewards they receive, but the burst of victory here is the stable connection of a "big family" who always stand side by side like sailors on the same boat, each other raising their strong sails and surfing on the waves towards the sea.

          As an indispensable part of the Team Building trip, the colorful "Gala Dinner - Neon Night" gave employees excitement when enjoying delicious culinary flavors and cultural programs featuring "IMV homegrown" and winning attractive lucky gifts.

Neon Night IMV

Excellent musical performances

Team Building Award

IMV Team Building

          International Minh Viet Joint Stock Company - IMV is a big house with members who always unite and support each other in everything. The Team Building trip has left unforgettable memories in the hearts of each member as well as given everyone more opportunities to understand and create motivation to learn, share, and develop for a strong and successful IMV.


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