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At IMV - Sport is the interconnection method

For IMV, sports activities not only help improve mental and physical health but also connect members.

Sport has become the culture of IMV

Sport has become a familiar topic that appears in conversations every lunchtime. The story can be a discussion about the great goal in the match they watched last night or simply meeting up for a run after work or scheduling a weekend badminton match between the teams or departments.


Many IMV employees share that sports activities at the company help them easily integrate, have colleagues as well as find teammates with the same interests in sports. People became closer to each other after a running session or a badminton match organized by the company.


Excellent athletes

Nurturing values

In order to sports become an indispensable part of the corporate culture at International Minh Viet Joint Stock Company, it is a process of "nourishing" the spirit of love for sports by focusing on organizing sports activities for IMV members.


IMV Badminton Tournament 2022

The “IMV Football Tournament” and “IMV Badminton Tournament” held every year always attract the attention and participation of talented IMV athletes.


IMV Football Tournament 2022

Creating a "hot" and intense love of sports at IMV's competitions not only from the stadium but also from the stands with fans' enthusiastic support.


Enthusiastic Fans
Fans at the soccer tournament

In addition to the indispensable tournaments with sports clubs, IMV currently organizes a badminton club on weekends, which is a gathering place for IMV members who share the same passion for badminton, exchange, learning, and practicing health.



It is the team spirit that is trained and the healthy competition in sports activities that have contributed to the cohesion, harmonious working coordination, and striving in the work of IMV members.


IMV Badminton Tournament 2022

International Minh Viet Joint Stock Company hopes to continue to promote the values ​​​​of sports activities, especially as a bridge connecting members of the "IMV Family".










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