The skincare world is full of active ingredients that help you achieve plump, firm, clear and flawless skin. However, many of them have a ‘blending’ issue. Nanoparticles of these ingredients Penetrate through the gaps of the skin’s cornified layer to reach areas where they are needed.

We aimed to create the collagen which is not degraded by the damage such as UV rays, High purity and highly functional collagen.
After identifying the optimum types of collagen for achieving moisturised and firm skin, Fujifilm has discovered dermal collagen’s new function on skin cells and applying the knowledge to cosmetics/supplements development and ‘regenerative medicine field’ as well.

Similarly to photography, it is light that makes the skin beautiful. To achieve beautiful skin complexion, it is essential to control the colour and angle of light that bounces off the skin surface.
Fujifilm is applying the optical analysis and control technology fostered in the photographic business to the field of base makeup. The light constantly changes following environmental factors such as weather, time of day and scene. By utilising this technology, we can create the youthful skin in different situations.