Tuesday, 18/05/2021, 15:41 GMT+7


The truth is: there are a huge amount of people do not practice enough physical activity leading to many of the most common health problems.

IMV soon realized that playing sport regular enough has significant benefits for hearts, bodies and minds. We have been working towards finding more effective, economic and sustainable ways of inspiring more employees to play more sport in more places.

On a yearly basis, we repeat sporting activities at the company, it could be showed how much we care about health of employees, as well as try to keep their focus on changing habits and attitudes about participation in sports


With a potential for a highly attractive form of competitive badminton, our staff have a small club was established by someone who interested in this kind of sport to practice frequently, and expect the quantity of members to be increased over time.

This exciting event has been specifically designed to create a greater number of opportunities for all members to play badminton, this is considered as an occasion for them able to gather, have friendly match, improve team-work spirit, contribute to development of IMV’s cultures as well.


People all over the world fall in love with football, IMV family do either.

There was a cup competition between different teams from Head Office and Factory, also with fabulous and exciting prizes for the winner. We have had a match filled with joy and a satisfying experience.

Through the football match, message to be conveyed is “Teamwork”. Because we do believe that teamwork in football always inspire people for good things, both in the study, work, and life.


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